COVID-19 Procedures

Safety is Our Number One Concern

At Ruff House, we are a family. Since the beginning, we have always gone above and beyond to keep our family safe and healthy. Now it is no different. We have put even more measures in place.

Trained team members are to complete requirements that meet or exceed CDC guidelines and implementation. Cleanings are conducted before, during, and after business hours and utilize hospital-grade products that kill various microbes, including Staph/MRSA, Ringworm, Ecoli., Influenza, Norovirus, and Coronavirus.

What Else Are We Doing?

In addition to the rigorous cleanliness standards set forth, you may notice the following during your next visit:


We have implemented a limit of 25% of our regular capacity in the building at a time, which allows more room for FUN!


We encourage guests to use their own devices to fill out waivers in our facility, allowing for contact-free access. We have enabled guests to reserve and pay online ahead of time. We also are implementing touchless foodservice and ordering.


We encourage all people in our facility to maintain a 6′ distance from one another as much as possible. We operate many of our attractions with space between guests. We also spaced tables at least 6 feet apart and placed markers on the floor to guide guests for queuing.


Certain attractions may not be open during your next visit if we feel we cannot keep them up to our high sanitary standard. For example, we removed the balls in the toddler ball pit for the foreseeable future.


We have added hand sanitizer throughout the facility so guests may sanitize before and after using any equipment. We have also added spray stations throughout the facility, so it is easy for our team members to wipe down high contact surfaces throughout the day.


We perform daily health checks on all team members to ensure no one is coming to work when sick. We take the temperature of everyone entering the building. As always, we ask that any guest with flu or cold-like symptoms refrain from entering our facility.

While we understand that managing a building full of excited kids can be challenging, we train all team members to encourage and follow all of these new practices.

Ruff House Family Entertainment Center takes cleanliness very seriously, which is why we have become Certified Germ Experts. Ruff House utilizes long-lasting Residual Antimicrobial Technology that inhibits the growth of microbes. This unique Fog application provides complete coverage of a Hospital Grade disinfectant that kills many harmful microbes.

Germ Expert