Fun For the Whole Family
Escape Zone - Cookie Conundrum
Escape Zone

Escape Zone - Escape Room

The North Pole is in shambles! Mrs. Clause went to the study to get my favorite cookie recipe from the secret lock box only to discover the box pried open and the recipe gone! I need your help! To restore order in the North Pole and bring back the Christmas spirit you must find the ingredients for my cookies and figure out who caused this ruckus.

Battle Zone Laser Tag
Battle Zone

Battle Zone - Laser Tag

We are currently working hard to bring you a battle arena that can be used for laser tag and nerf wars.

Jump Zone Trampoline
Jump Zone

Jump Zone - Trampoline

Our large trampoline consists of 12 trampolines interconnected to create a large jump space. It also features two basketball hoops making it great for some dunk action or just for a fun game of dodgeball.

Jump Zone Wipeout
Jump Zone

Jump Zone - Wipeout

An 8 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions. The longer you last the harder it gets, as a giant spinning sweeper arm attempts to knock players head over heels. Who will be the last one standing? Leap your way to victory in this fantastic game that guarantees endless amounts of fun.

Play Zone Playground
Play Zone

Play Zone - Indoor Playground

The indoor playground is 3 tiers of fun that is never dampened by the weather. Active play is extremely important for children of all ages. In a time where technology captivates most children it can be hard to engage them in active play. At Ruff House we encourage everyone to get up and have fun. Our Indoor Playground is large enough to allow parents to join in the activites and create memories with the kids.

Play Zone Rock Wall
Play Zone

Play Zone - Rock Wall

Challenge your friends to some speed trials or just work on your climbing technique. Our horizontal rock wall has a variety of holds that are bound to test your skills.

Toddler Zone Play Area
Toddler Zone

Toddler Zone - Play Area

Interactive play area for kids ages 1-5. Parents and young children have the opportunity to bond while exploring, learning and socializing through interactive play. This area also features a bounce house.

Party Zone Green Room
Party Zone

Party Zone - Party Rooms

We currently have 3 party rooms that are just perfect for your next event. We have a Blue Room with a capacity of 30 people, a Green Room with capacity of 50 people, and an Orange Room with a capacity of 80 people.