Do memberships have blackout dates?
No. Your membership is valid every day that Ruff House is open to the public; however, we exclude some events. Memberships do not include admission to Birthday Parties, Parents Night Out, or Lock-In Events. We reserve the right to close the park for private events, and we will post these dates on our website in advance.
Is Adventure Time included in the membership for my toddler?
You may use your membership to attend Adventure Time. Parents are required to have a membership to participate with their toddlers. Having a membership will also allow your toddler to continue to come to Ruff House in the summer when Adventure Time is not available
How do I know what my membership includes?
The benefits of your membership are always available on the membership page.
Does everyone in the family need a membership?
Each individual that wants to participate in activities without paying general pricing, or using a buddy pass, needs to have a membership. Memberships are non-transferable, and you may not share your membership with anyone.
When do the memberships expire?
Your membership never expires.
Is it easy to cancel?
You may cancel online any time after making your 6th payment and at least 15 days before your next payment.
Do I need to renew my membership every six months?
No, your membership never expires. After the initial six month period, your membership automatically renews month to month at the same rate.
May I use my membership to participate in a birthday party?
No. Birthday parties are special private events. Your membership may offer you special discounts when scheduling your birthday party at Ruff House. For more information on Birthdays, please check out our Party Zone page.
How many times may I visit with a membership?
A Ruff House membership allows you to visit every day the park is open to the public. We reserve the right to limit members to a 2-hour time limit per day. Admission is limited to once per day. Your membership also comes with a variety of benefits described on the membership page.
Is there an enrollment fee on every payment?
The enrollment fee is $10.00. We charge the enrollment fee once when buying new memberships. This fee is the same whether you purchase one or more memberships.
How quickly does a membership become active after I sign up?
Your membership is effective immediately after your purchase and registration.
May memberships be purchased at the park?
We sell all memberships online. You may use any computer, tablet, or phone with a browser to register on this page.
How do I update my payment method?
To update your payment method, log in to the Member Portal.
Which day of each month will you charge my credit card?
Your credit card payment will occur on the same day of the month you initially signed up for your membership. For example, if you purchased it on March 12, all your payments will be charged on the 12th of each month. If you purchase your membership on March 31, your payment will be on the last day of each month.
How can I tell if my account is current (paid up to date)?
To see if your account is current, log in to the Member Portal. You will receive an email if payment is unable to process for any reason.
Do I have to send in my payment each month?
No. We will automatically charge your credit card.
May I make a CASH payment for my membership?
We are unable to accept cash membership payments at this time. You must make payments online.
How does a Buddy Pass work?
You receive one free Buddy Pass per month, which allows you to bring a friend. Additional Buddy Passes may be purchased each month for $10 per buddy. Any individual may only be brought as a buddy once every 12 months.